First blog🙌

Thanks for joining

Hy thanks for coming onboard to check on my first blog on WordPress

Today am gonna tell you all on how frustrated I was, on getting a blogging app and how my day has gone so far

Me on my usually quite Sunday morning up from bed had my shower and out to the kitchen for breakfast had some yummy pancakes then went for some conference I was forced to be in luckily I was not at the exact sitting position with my mum she was at the front roll while I sat way behind then some taught flashed through my head

*your bored in here just go through your phone and check out that blogging app called blogger you were planning on getting*

Then I went on play store and got the app blogger me feeling happy to get the app and start my own blog but guess what had to happen I tried logging in with my email but it said email not found like that was not enough I created a new one using blogger but still not found tried a zillion times it was so annoying then I had to uninstall the app and check for new ones but this time around I had to read some comments then I found another which was called new blog a new app then tried installing it but it wouldn’t install it just kept loading and I tell u it wasn’t that the fact that my WiFi was low my WiFi was really fast at that moment then dropped my phone to find out the conference was over WAW I was on my phone the whole time and caught some Lady starring at me wounder why maybe she’s thinking am some freaky teenage kid who can’t stay without her phone for a while well don’t care she’s not my mum who could scold me at that time

Then I got home and still kept searching for a blog app then I finally found one which was u know it WordPress and logged using my Google account and boom am here texting about it

LOL that’s it for now pls keep up with me this isn’t that juicy but my next stories are surely gonna be juicy things about me my weird day’s sad day’s and happy plus fun day’s thanks for reading BYE for now😇.

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