Hy guys thanks for coming in today😆

My present mood,I don’t really know if am angry or sad right now like I really feel like throwing my phone on the ground really hard like then it breaks but noo I can’t do that I would end up regretting that.

And am gonna tell you why I feel that way,like I got in an argument with my friend like it’s really stupid and also dumb

like today in school after all my classes we had to go the hall for some public speaking competition that wow my group won on the public speaking competition even if only 1 person presented my group while I just sat and clapped LOL😂, and like me and my friend Success sat together with her friend not my friend like I don’t know why I don’t like her friend I just don’t even if I pretend to so I don’t hurt her feelings and all but she’s nice but nahhhh!!!!, then after the competition ended and we were all on how way back I had to go get my note from someone then I ditched them but I did try calling out to them to wait but when I called out she did look back but I couldn’t say anything because I was too busy laughing at some kid who fell on her ass😂 still funny when i think of it (i know what your thinking me laughing at a kid who fell well she’s not actually a kid just said kid cause am older than she is and she also kinda laughed on how embarrassing it was and her being around her friends its normal to find it funny),then success just walked away with favour i really did not care just did not want any hard feelings on ditching them, at that time we were free to go home but success and her friend (ok let me say her name then just saying her friend)and favour went to Cisco class in order to watch some Korean 😆 movie and BTS💖😍😍😘(love them) music videos or interviews, I also went along after I got my note then joined them.

But felt uncomfortable they so I just left them both in the Cisco class and went to hang with my friends who were playing 😈Truth or Dare😈,got some laughs with them over the dares too scared to play even if I wanted too but some freaky girl was part of it so nahhh,then walked out of class on my way back to Cisco class I saw success brother standing outside my classroom he looked sad and all so then I asked him if he was looking for his sister which is success then he said no he wants to talk to favour then I was like ok I know were she is then we both went along together then as soon as we were both they ‘success looked kinda mad she was like why are you here what do you want, like wtf😕, then favour was like don’t act that way around him his your brother let him stay were he wants too then she was like noo he has to go but favour was like I don’t like it when people are sad come seat over here she said to success brother then I was like why are you angry like he did not even do anything then she stupidly shouted ‘Desire just shut up why did you bring him here’ like what do you call insanely stupid if not that then I got angry then also snapped back ‘ why are you angry if something is bordering you don’t put it on me your the one who knows why your being a bitch all of a sudden’ then I walked out back to my friends playing Truth or Dare tried keeping a smiling face because am not some freak who pours out anger on someone who did nothing wrong to me then I got in a good mood again because of the game then success came in like I obviously ignored her then they decided on playing the game somewhere else got so angry at the fact that success was around me then I went home immediately.

Like she behaved like such a bitch still upset with her thank goodness it’s Friday am not gonna be around her the whole weekend yay.

LOL I feel kinda sleepy texting all this,that’s all for now pls follow me and like and comment on this blog thanks💖u have a nice day.


……………I feel sad now my past blog was about a fight I got into and now about a grumpy friend wow keep getting into argument lol I need people to read my blogs and laugh not get angry my next blogs are gonna be epic promise thanks😘😍💖😊



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