Hy guys thanks for joining in finally done with my test and now am back to my phone yayyyyyyy🙌.

Like I promised you all about updates on my weekly basic here it goes.

It was a cold Sunday evening at home while it rained heavily outside, and I had to go get something urgently then i was about to go get my umbrella when then I remember that I gave it to my classmate and forgot to take it back and that was my only umbrella then I decided to just run under the rain to go get what I wanted to get then I walked out looked at the rain and I ran immediately and finally got their but the place was closed and I had another option which was to run under the rain again but my other option was way to far from home and I would get really soaked so I decided to run back home then my mum asked me if I was able to get what I wanted I guess u already know the answer which was no then she was like then u got to go again now (I did have to go it’s all my fault if I had not forgotten my umbrella with my classmate Seyi non of this could have happened and I had to get it) like it would be so embarrassing running that far on my Short’s I wounder how stupid I looked while doing it, then I walked back under the rain but this time I just decided to walk not run then while walking under the rain all soaked the rain got even heavier so I. Had to run even if i did not want to then finally got they looking all soaked and stupid then got what I wanted, so like then I just kept walking under the rain till I got to a point were I felt something cold on my leg omg I freaked out because I remembered seeing some frog on my way they I just couldn’t take it then I ran like some freak not looking back home come to think of all I said that day was really messed up like some Pip’s were around I wounder what they were thinking when they saw me (present action – me screaming now) crazy just crazy. Like the girl with my umbrella,sit gonna get it why the hell did she not give me back my umbrella, i told her about all this but all she did was laugh and said next time you won’t leave your umbrella with me crazy right.

While the rest of my week was just me studying being away from my phone and TV full mind on my test, Ok that’s it for now 😀.

Thanks a lot for reading my blog hope u liked it.

Pls like comment and follow me thanks a lot bye have a nice day see u on my next blog😇


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