1.Get my self confidence from a scale of 90 too 100

2. Get up too 5k followers on my main Instagram account @_that_girl_dee

3. Build up my (2nd) social account on Instagram

4. Be more active on YouTube (get creative and make more dope YouTube videos)

5. Be more active on WordPress (post more blogs regularly)

6. Get better in all my important subject (secure a good grade on my external exams)

7. Take more dope pictures😂🌚

8. Keep less friends (because I have been surrounded with way too many fakes last year)

9. Improve my listening skills

10. Get my body goal a new blog topic (SIMPLE FACTS) coming to your screens soon Gabriel Rapture 4😂 (its gonna be out this yr its a really nice movie u guys should go check out the part 1 2 and 3 u would love it)

13. Set boundaries for myself and for other people like how far they could get too me if u know what I mean access boundaries😂

14. Get way prettier lol (I’m getting into the university this yr what do u expert I’m gonna look way dope obviously😂😂😂🌚)

15. Ok that’s it my 2021 goals gonna make sure I achieve all of it ok that’s it for now bye have a nice day don’t forget to like and follow my blog see ya beautiful people💖🎬


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