1. Being you’re only 16 you have a lot of changes in life
      Still to go Some good some bad but that’s life for you.
      I’m 63, I used to be 16 at one time & a lot has changed
      with me, famous quote is nothing stays the same and
      That goes with everything in life and we just adjust to it.
      If I hadn’t seen you were 16 I would almost think we
      were twins Cuz we like the same things almost and
      being you like horror movies check this link out, I have
      A movie channel on my blog but you might like to watch.

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    1. @Cindy Georgakas, your right we have all had our day of being 16
      some had a good year & some was going to have a bad year &
      some don’t even remember that very year or don’t even see that day.

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  1. I so agree… nothing stays the same in life!! I’m 16 as a leap year baby so 16 with 49 years of experience
    that’s what we were laughing about, there’s a lot of things going on that’s not very funny in our lives😢

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