6 thoughts on “MY QUICK SOCIAL BREAK

  1. I feel you on a reset button at times, I’ve been there myself a few times
    & well it does a mind & soul good to step back & think things through.

    I do the same thing when I can’t think of something good to blog about
    with all this going on with our GOV’T I’ve been watching & writing on.

    But I have things going pretty good with my blogs a few days off don’t
    hurt to do something else in the in between time to reflect on life a bit.

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      1. I gave up all mine years ago just to break the ruts it was
        putting me in everyday, I don’t like being in any ruts that
        keep me down so I don’t waste my whole day away.

        I’m a person that loves the outdoors & gardening &
        doing what diy’s I can come up with to keep me busy
        & writing in my blogs which is WP & BLOGGER.

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  2. it’s been the best thing I’ve done since I don’t have them in my life
    the ONLY social media I have is you tube & Instagram & I live on
    you tube for the news that’s going on everyday with everything.

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