Hyy u all it’s been a while since I uploaded any blog just been really busy u know it’s really hard to manage everything I got going on with school and some other stuffs and still find time to blog without being so exhausted.

I was supposed to blog about my graduation after party celebration like the day after because I got home late and just couldn’t but the following day and after the following was just me procrastinating, but I was finally able to do it lol even tho it’s coming this late

Well before I begin to talk about how fun that day was and drop a short video to summarize my day, imma inform u that I didn’t exactly get a proper grad like the one organized by your school kinda grad long story long story it had to do with something my set did so it got canceled trying to summarize this blog so it’s not too long lol

Well some friends came up with the idea of us throwing a party for ourselves since we didn’t get one organized by our school well that was already planned out as a after party celebration immediately after our grad but since all that happened we just tagged it along didn’t plan on attending at first but since i didn’t get a grad I had to like I can’t imagine being done with high school and no insane celebration to mark that where I get to dress up put on some a bit heavy makeup and wear a really hot dress like it’s some experience

It was on October 8th the party took place in a lounge in kft so sure not all of u know where that is but just play along lol

Was supposed to be they with my date well a friend but whatever I’ll call her my party date by 12pm but with me being lazy and not wanting to be among the top 10 people to arrive I lazied around and ended up going they by 4pm lol yh that’s far but still the party was still hot had a lot of fun saw some few friends who like left my school a yr ago but since they were part of my set they where also invited it was quite a fun experience

Then afterwards left by 5:30pm only spent 1hr and 30min they because me and my friend MAY planned on going out after the party for dinner just a nice congratulations treat just for ourselves in some really fancy place

So that’s all summarize with not too much stories lol

So here’s the video I promised earlier on to give a clear summary of how that special day went


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