Hy everyone, how are things going with you all?

It’s the weekend, i was up by 8am had a wonderful morning to begin with.

Before i begin talking about how my workouts went, what exercises i practiced today and how the rest of my day went, i will be stating some tips on time management.

I noticed that alott of people neglect working out because they are too busy or can not meet up, so today i will be sharing with you on some really effective tips on how to make that possible:


Fix a time and amount of days you’ll be working out, you can still manage being concistent if you only workout 3 to 4 times a week for just 5 to 10min daily and still be consistent, think about it 10min can’t be too much to spend on something that would improve your health positively


Most times it’s not about not having enough time to do this things, its’s just not feeling motivated to and that could lead you into feeling lazy and making up excuses until you loose interest in it, so you need to set a goal what’s your aim, what do u plan on improving in your body? do you want that hot summer body do you want a built body do you want to loose belly fat or do u want to start feeling more active. let that be your motivation and with just enough consistency you’ll be able to get any of the benefits that come with this in a month.


i’m sure you’re clear with that even without me explaining we all know that one thing, that one unproductive activity we engage in that distracts us


this is a very important aspect that should not be neglected, because this highly determines how the following day would be if you’re not fully rested you will not be able to focus or do things properly, so try get atlist 6hrs sleep daily avoid any unproductive activity that may deprive you of that.


this could also help give you the motivation you need, for people who find working out alone boring that could be an optin get a friend to join you and help you feel more motivated, you both can help each other be more upright.

That’s all on that for now if you got any question or contribution to what i just said let me know on the comment section.

Now let’s get back to today workout


most mentioned below may appear difficult but trust me if you’ve been consistent with me on my past blog and actually did all the yoga practice i did for the past few days mentioned on my previous blog, it would be a piece of cake.

Today workout routine include:

PLANK POSE ( position should be maintained for atlist 30 to 40sec)

SCISSORS LEGS (for atlist 30 to 40sec)

SRAIGHT LEGGED SIT-UP ( for atlist 30 to 40sec)

V-SIT HOLD (for about 30 to 40sec)

BOAT POSE (for about 30 to 40sec)

SQUAT (for about 15 to 20times)

COBRA (for about 30 to 40sec)

Right afterwards i drank about 2 glass of water (note: this is exercise not yoga, that’s why i could drink water immediately after the section), immediately after that i had my shower.

I had oat and toast for breakfast today, right after all that i was sure i was ready for the rest of the day and not to forget spending personal time just to chill and reflect on things going on with me.

That’s all for today i hope all stated may be as helpful to you as it was to me.

THANKS for your time, pls do not forget to like, follow, comment and share, Have a nice day i look forward in seeing you all in my next blog, BYE FOR NOW.


  1. Hi! OK you’re right. A schedule is better for me bc I think I don’t have time. But if I just say 10 minutes, I can do that! The Oatmeal and toast look great. What kind of toast? I’m still eating avocado toast from your recommend. Thank you! God bless you.

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    1. Hi how’ve you been?
      Sorry my reply came late
      It’s good to see you’re also making progress 😊
      And for the toast
      I had the toast with no toppings, but u can have it with egg or peanut butter it’s also really healthy and yummy that way☺️


      1. Hi! Toast and pb is good and quick. This morning, I had tuna and onions, a few cherries and small amount of Kraft Mac and cheese. Are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried intermittent fasting I think they call it, where you eat between certain hours (like 11am to 6pm)?

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      2. That’s nice
        And yes I’ve tried intermittent fasting, it helped me lose weight but I’m not really aiming on losing weight right now, I’m trying to maintain my fit body instead.
        But it is very recommendable if u plan on losing weight ☺️
        Are you doing that?


      3. Good for you on maintaining! I’m in my 60s, metabolism slowing and lots less food required. 1200 calories a day has helped before. Intermittent fasting…I normally eat about 10am but ending early is hard bc I get hungry in middle of night. What were the hours you ate? Did you get hungry in middle of night?


      4. Yhh I also get really hungry in the middle of the night
        Research says it could be caused by not eating enough at day time

        Drinking lots of water helps prevent that and try eating enough food during the day time
        But if u still get hungry in the middle of the night u could also have healthy snacks that’s low in carbs and protein like whole-grain (unsweetened) cereal with milk; some nonfat/low-fat yogurt with fruit, or you might find that a cup of tea with 1 full cup of milk can be both soothing and hydrating and give you enough protein to help you feel a little bit more satisfied

        Because eating too much fat in the middle of the night is not ideal for digestion

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