This is coming pretty late it’s literally 4 days since Christmas but it’s better said than never

How I spent my Christmas??

It was spent with family where we all exchanged gifts

I got 2new wigs from my mum

A makeup set from my lil sister

A uhmm I don’t really know the name of that one thing I got from my lil brother😂😂 but it was really nice it goes well with any outfit

And some cash from my dad😂😂 he doesn’t really get time to buy gifts so what he does is gives us money to get whatever we want that’s actually really awesome 😁😁

Some of my cousins came over we spent time together and ate a lot the best part is always when u get to eat your favorite foods yum I didn’t really take pics on that day I wish I took a lot but it just skipped my mind and I was having too much fun to pick up my phone, just right after I took a pic of the tree and gifts and made that one TikTok video to wish a merry Christmas I kissed my phone goodbye 😂 I ate so much I could hardly breath but I enjoyed it🥰


Thanks for reading my blog pls don’t forget to like and follow I love u all MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄 I hope u had a wonderful holiday even as it’s slowly coming to a end❤️