It’s a rainy cold day I’m seated on my bed all cuddle up and it got me thinking, like what I’m about to type out isn’t something you don’t know isn’t something you’ve not heard “same thing lol”.

Everybody goes through bad days bad phases sometimes it takes a really long time to get over them but afterwards you’re left with a lesson to learn from. U can’t be happy everyday u know likewise having everything u want and need in front of u and all goals achieved u still feel somethings missing,I don’t actually know y that happens I don’t think the saying “money can’t bring happiness” is enough to explain that or other sayings you’ve heard about can’t really mention all lol. I think it’s just how the world works how the world tries to balance things without us knowing, u know just picture a world without them without challenges, mistakes e.t.c

We won’t be able to value good days anymore everybody would take it as a norm something that happens almost everyday, so with this bad days or bad few months or even yrs we get it makes us value the good days more and more. All u have to do is just set your mind straight that this isn’t the end.

when u get those days you’re just leaving your phase it’s your turn in the game people u see happy celebrating all lived their phase they didn’t let it stop them they fought to get were they are so u do the same and wash that bad phase grow into something joyful 😌.

That’s it for today, So that’s how I feel about all this little c*ap going on, drop your opinion on the comment section if I’m missing out on something’s in my blog or u think I’m wrong or u agree let me know 😌.

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