What advice would you give to your teenage self?

#1 Never lose sight of your goal

#2 Dating at this stage is a waste of time

#3 Avoid *******k🙂

#4 Never take disrespect from anybody

#5 All that really matters is God, family, your goal, and money. So make sure to never put anything before them

PLANBERRY Food Journal – Nutrition Planner with Diet & Calorie Tracker – Wellness Diary for Tracking Meals & Exercise – Weight Loss Journal for Women & Men – 6.3″ x 8.5″ (Summer Smoothie)


About this item 

  • ✓ MEET THE HEALTHIER & HAPPIER YOU: PLANBERRY Food Journal for women and men is an efficient tool that will help you develop a healthy diet and lifestyle that will last for years to come. It will give you all instruments needed to focus on your wellbeing, track and improve your diet, build new healthy habits, introduce more physical activity into your life, and so much more. Since the very first day of using the journal, you will have a reliable guide and companion on your wellbeing journey.
  • ✓ TRANSFORM YOUR DIET & WELLNESS ROUTINE IN 4 MONTHS: This journal has everything you will need to build a lasting lifestyle focused on wellbeing in just 4 months. There are monthly and daily goal sections, spacious monthly calendars, weekly exercise plans, meal plans, and shopping lists, detailed daily pages to track your diet, weight, wellbeing, and activity, calorie tracker, measurements tracker, regular monthly review sections to reflect on your progress, and many other useful instruments.
  • ✓ ENJOY ELEGANT & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Our design team has developed a series of intricate cover designs with rose gold detailing to make this planner a stylish accessory. The layouts are chic and refined, with a calming color scheme to help you focus. Every single element of this food diary journal is designed to provide maximum functionality and help you achieve your wellness goals in a stress-free and efficient way.
  • ✓ UNDATED, SPIRAL BINDING & EXTRAS: This food planner is undated, so you can start using it anytime and take a break if needed. The wellness journal measures 6.3 inches wide, 8.5 inches long, and 0.7 inches thick, with convenient A5 pages. Thanks to the durable spiral binding, pages turn easily and lie flat when the diet planner is open. This weight loss planner also comes with a double pocket at the back, an illustrated user manual, 3 sheets of stickers, and a beautiful gift box.
  • ✓ GUARANTEE & RETURNS: We hope that our food log journal for tracking meals and exercise transforms your life for the better; otherwise, you can get a full refund of this diet journal with no questions asked. We will happily exchange or refund your journal if you have quality issues of ANY KIND or if you are not completely satisfied with your nutrition journal for any other reason. Reach out to us via an Amazon message for an easy refund of your weightloss journal and planner.



Today I felt like doing something pretty different from the usual, I’m that type of person who loves trying out new ingredients once in a while just something different and yummy looking made by me through the help of the internet obviously “lol”

So today I went on YouTube in search of “A YUMMY EGG AND FLOUR BASE EASY TO MAKE BREAKFAST”. I didn’t want anything hard or anything that would require ingredients that weren’t easy to get so I made my search pretty pacific, I had so many options to pick from but then I came across something that looked really really easy to make and consumes lesser time at the same time looked yummy

And the only ingredients I needed was:






* and MILK.

The milk part was pretty much my choice as well as the onion tomatoes fresh pepper crayfish some beef and maggi cube because I felt the ingredients used were just too little and not as rich as I wanted it to be so I added some of my own ingredients to make it even more yummy 🤤 served with some orange juice or beverage whatever chill or warm liquid could go with it 🤤 just for the final step down if u know what I mean 🤤🥰

Before I forget to mention I made 2 new dishes and they both used the same ingredients to be prepared just with different procedures

Just what I needed🤤
🌞my morning breakfast 🍳

Here’s the link for the procedures on how to make this just incase you’re interested 🥰

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I feel really happy tonight like so overwhelmed, because my ROLE MODEL JUSTIN SKYE viewed my instagram post just a few minutes ago it really makes me feel good like wow she just visited my status lol got this big smile on my face right now😀😁.

That’s the picture I posted

And that’s the view I got from her😁😆 I could stare at that over and over again this made my day😁.


Theirs absolutely no such thing as a perfect day, days either start bad or end good or start good and end not how it was expected or u get a good morning, in between the day bad swings and a not so bad conclusion of that day.

I remember as kid i would burst into tears because my almost perfect day got ruined and would always yell too myself it’s impossible to have 24hrs to yourself without feeling messed up or upset, but then i got too a point were i realized this things can’t be avoided or pushed away of solved by tears like those challenges wouldn’t finally feel pity for me and give me a day off its gonna keep coming in seasons but i determine u determine how you’re gonna face them and what u let them do too u their always obviously gonna come we just gotta face it u know, well here are some quotes i use too keep me going and hopefully they could also help u out:

1.I am Beautiful

2. I am strong

3. I am absolutely perfect just the way i am

4. What people say doesn’t matter it never matters what i think is all that matters

5. I am a fighter

6. Their is more to me than meets the eye

All this words means more than u can imagine to me it means alot sometimes when i feel at the edge of falling just saying this over and over gives me just enough strength to move on and go ahead with my beautiful day,probably it could u help u just as it has always helped me.

But for all this you need to find your self worth without that this are all just some useless words typed out self love self worth this are the keys too a confident man or woman.

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Sitted on my bed with my head phones on listening too music just got done with my previous blog inspiration, right now I’m listening too sia and her magical voice is making me feel inspired for some reason.

Playlist recommend for u while reading this blog to get more of the vibe I got while typing all this out: 1. Sia and David Guetta – floating through space 2. Sia – one plus one 3. Sia – never give up now lay back and let the music lead the way😆☺😇

So let’s get too business now what’s my preview of love what I think love is well I’m gonna be completely sincere with u while you’re young try not to get them for anyone that’s not family because it’s useless and a pain in the ass once you get a taste of it write now teens youngsters r all being deceived and controlled by the chemical reaction in our brain something we have no idea on how too control it takes only a mature mind to do so even tho grown ups also get deceived at times but it’s not as much as confused young teens.

Don’t get me wrong on all my opinions we can’t control it and we don’t try we don’t even know how too try not get crushes on the wrong person who would never look your path most times it works out and most times it never does but it only works out in movies fr lol just kidding but it’s a fucking free world we don’t care we are so not undercontrol so keep falling in love getting hurt messing up that’s the only way you’re gonna get wiser how you’re gonna know what u shouldn’t go after soo be free and take thinks carefree we only live once you know.

I think the music I’m listening too got my mind spinning off key I missed so much points but whatever I’m no writer just a 16yr old trying too express herself .

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WARNING– (don’t blog while listening too a hype music if u know what I mean I’m no longer on earth right now soo off lol)


Hy thanks for joining in my blog rho I haven’t been active well that’s what I plan on talking about today

Been losing all my inspiration like I guess studying way too much killing my fun slowly but after my exams I’m gonna be back try hang on I’m gonna be back with full force lol…..

Wait a sec I just taught of something interesting in guess I could call it that too blog about in my next blog kk check that on my next blog thanks love u all


Passion what’s passion the word passion something that drives u crazy or nuts something you really want, well I got many of that I think when I’m older I’m gonna be some girl so many different Jobs I would love too:


Be a YouTube star

Be a blog star

Be a Doctor

I want a life of platform but isn’t it funny how on earth would a Doctor manage having a blog going on YouTube and modeling that’s a one way ticket to stress town lol, But I don’t know I could model on my insta I could be a self model idk lol or part time not full time but that’s gonna work it’s all gonna work so what’s your passion? COMMENT BELOW

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