HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU ALL 🦋🎊🎉🍾🥳🍻wow we all made it to 2022 that’s awesome.

So today I’ll be summarizing how I spent my new yrs with my family with u all and I’ll also share a video to summarize it also .

Remember in my last blog where I stated that I’ll be going on a vacation in a resort with my family my mum siblings auntie and two of my cousins, it was a really fun experience.

We arrived at our destination at New Year’s Eve and decided since we arrived really early due to the fact that the resort was just a near by city which only took about a 40min drive depending on traffic well traffic was nice and we left by 11 so we arrived pretty early. After we arrived we had a nice meal together and decided to go take a quick look at the beach and see what’s going on and also take note of what we’ll do the following day which was New Years Day, we saw a floating bed on the sea which looked really beautiful to actually take a picture on, a horse and a game of paint ball so we took notes of the prices before returning to our room to talk about how it was gonna be, and we all made the conclusion that we’ll be sharing the activities because of the fact that tomorrow was New Year’s Day and the beach would be crowded so y not get some done today while the beach is just with a few amount of people so we decided to take the pictures on the floating bed and swim in sea on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day we ride the horse and swim again but this time in a vip pool because the sea was pretty crowded on New Year’s Day

Well that’s it, it was really fun we played games had alott to eat spent some good quality family time it’s a day to remember for a long time😁🎊

Sooo!!! That’s how I spent my New Year

What about u how did u spend yours drop a comment below and share your beautiful New Year’s Day celebration 🍾 🎊🎉🥳🍻

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Happy New Year 🎊 once more i wish u the best of life in 2022 🥳☺️

Here’s the video i promised earlier on🎊😁😁☺️🦋🍻


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