I don’t know if I ever mentioned about me building up people Instagram account and selling Instagram accounts well if I never did I just did.

Earlier today while working on one of the accounts I plan on selling I decided to take a short break and glance through my Instagram account it being at 3k already I decided on trying to work on mine and maybe get it to 4K , I have been planning on working on my account for a while now but just haven’t gotten a chance to so I decided on using the opportunity but before I could do anything Instagram logged me out my account saying I needed to change my password because some unknown device just accessed it like tf i was in the middle of getting hacked so I just quickly rushed and did as they said but afterwards because or my Two-factor authentication security I got done they asked me to hold on so they could send me a new pass code I kept waiting and waiting didn’t get anything then I tried making them resend the code but it said *can only resend code after 60 sec* but I was so sure it was way over 60 sec then I got scared like what if it got hacked and I lost my account i worked really hard to get they it’s not like what I do to get followers is a hack or a app to boost my followers but it’s legit and gets people to follow u on their own accord and it’s really time consuming the taught of starting all over crowded my mind and made me feel like tearing up were on earth would I start all over from then I told my best friend on WhatsApp about it and she helped me calm down.

Long story cut short I tried updating my Instagram that didn’t work then I just waited for a couple of hrs to see if my network was the reason for my slow log in because at a point it just kept saying error, after the few hours wait I was finally able to get logged in I was so happy and felt so relieve like idk how on earth I would have felt if I lost that account 😁.

That’s it for today thanks for dropping by and reading my blog.

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Bye have a nice day🥰