Hy you all wow it’s been a while and I’ve missed blogging a lot just been cut up with my food blog I had going on, on Instagram and TikTok so much has happened during this past few months I’ve been off my site but I’m back well that’s atlist till I’m back in school real soon but I’ll try stay on the go till then well I remember making a promise to bring my food blog on this site but I just thought of starting off on Instagram first and then maybe afterwards bring it on this site but for now I’ll plainly still make it a blog about me😂

Wow the year is slowly coming to an end, THE END OF 2021 this yr has really taught me a lot I mean alott had some really bad heart breaking experience that I had no idea I was gonna be able to overcome got isolated for a while because of them but I was able to successfully pull through because of my friends and family I even lost one of me closest friends CHRISTABEL may your gentle soul Rest In Peace I hope u are happy wherever u are right now.

Like this is gonna be a year to remember it left a huge mark but i learnt from all this I learnt to value most relationships and to let go of the ones that may cause me harm and draw me backwards, not every relationship are worth the effort but some are, and to keep spreading love because most of all that’s all the world need to be a better place a little love and kindness ☺️

I’ll love to give a big shout out to my BESTIE MARO he’s been the best support ever honestly U only meet such people once in a life time and I’m lucky I was able to find that someone.

O well that’s it with my emotional writing next up I’ll be sharing with u all how I spent my Christmas and how my December has been going 😁😁

Thanks for reading my blog I love u all pls don’t forget to like share and follow for more pls help me blow this up thanks ☺️❤️