Theirs absolutely no such thing as a perfect day, days either start bad or end good or start good and end not how it was expected or u get a good morning, in between the day bad swings and a not so bad conclusion of that day.

I remember as kid i would burst into tears because my almost perfect day got ruined and would always yell too myself it’s impossible to have 24hrs to yourself without feeling messed up or upset, but then i got too a point were i realized this things can’t be avoided or pushed away of solved by tears like those challenges wouldn’t finally feel pity for me and give me a day off its gonna keep coming in seasons but i determine u determine how you’re gonna face them and what u let them do too u their always obviously gonna come we just gotta face it u know, well here are some quotes i use too keep me going and hopefully they could also help u out:

1.I am Beautiful

2. I am strong

3. I am absolutely perfect just the way i am

4. What people say doesn’t matter it never matters what i think is all that matters

5. I am a fighter

6. Their is more to me than meets the eye

All this words means more than u can imagine to me it means alot sometimes when i feel at the edge of falling just saying this over and over gives me just enough strength to move on and go ahead with my beautiful day,probably it could u help u just as it has always helped me.

But for all this you need to find your self worth without that this are all just some useless words typed out self love self worth this are the keys too a confident man or woman.

Well that’s all for now thanks for reading my blog make sure to like follow and share my blog have a nice day☺