Hy Beautiful people, how was your day?

I hope it was delightful.Today was quite nice, i was up by 8am, did my usual morning routine. Right afterwards i began with my daily yoga practice to get me feeling more prepared for the rest of the day, but before i get there i will be stating some tips.

Today i won’t just be talking about yoga time management and relaxation, lets get on a new train on something i have not actually been more percific on in my previous post and that would be on how to maintain a HEALTHY DIET now lets begin

One of the most important thing would be your water consumption, drinking water dosent just help prevent dehydration but also helps in suppressing your appetite,boost your mentabolism, and make exercise easier and more efficient, all of which could contribute toa good result on the scale. So make sure you have plenty of water.

And make sure not to skip breakfast this is a really important meal of the day and should not be neglected.

One of my biggest challenge while going through this path was cutting some of my favourite meals, but it honestly was not really necessary to do that you can also eat the food you love eating and at the same time loose weight or stay healthy, it is just a matter of reducing the amount consumed daily, eating more fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of water which very important along side exercising or engaging in yoga practice any you find more convinent for you between those two, but again if you want a snappy result doing with weight lost i will recommend you go on a protein diet trust me when i say if your goal is to loose as much weight as you can in a month and at the same time have just the right amout of your favourite snack daily you can achieve that in a month with a protein diet along side exercising or weight loss yoga practice. I strongly believe without a good diet plan, exercising is as good as useless both go along side to give a good result.

you can be rest assured if you follow up with me that every yoga practice done so far has been selectively picked to make sure you archive more than one goal.

Before i begin note that you shouldn’t drink water during the yoga practice, but right after a glass or two of water should be enough to help you recover and keep your muscles from tightening or cramping

Today yoga practice includes:


STANDING FORWAR LUNGE ( this may be considered really difficult at first but it is totally fine if you can not go all the way down just go as far as you can )


STANDING LUNGE (i did this for both angles for atlist 40 sec each)

A BEND AND STRETCH PLAN ( u can go as far as you can it’s still ok but make sure you maintain position for atlist 40 sec)


MEDITATION ( i did thsi for about 60sec just siting in that position inhaling and exhaling, it turned out to be really relaxing i’ll consisder doing this pose at the end of every practice)

Ok that’s that for today i hope you felt as refreshed as i felt right after this section.

Right after i was done i had a glass of water hit the shower and applied my skin care product.

Today for Breakfast i had BEANS to go with FRIED PLANTAIN containing just enough nutrient to start the day with

I was in a really good mood toady so i decided on making a new Dance video on tiktok after such a long time i practiced about two new dance trend, git it on video and posted it, just incase you might want to take a look i’ll drop the link before i go.

The remaining hours where pretty much spent on work and studying, and later in the evening my mum bought BARBECUE which was really lovely i had that for dinner, that reminds me one thing you should not do is eat a heavy meal for Dinner it’s not healthy to do that make sure you go for lighter meals for dinner and don’t eat too much ones it’s pass 6am to enable your food to digest and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

THANKS ALOTT FOR YOUR TIME, I HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING THIS AND LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT SECTION WITH ME ( also do not forget to like, follow, share and comment your previews on every post are very important to me

for the link i promised to view my new TIKTOK video: and